Have an unforgettable wedding by the beach!


The most important moment of your life, your wedding day, in Ammos Beach Bar will look like a fairytale! The magnificent scenery at Ammos is the ideal place to accommodate your wedding or any other kind of social event. Celebrate unforgettable events in a beautiful waterfront location in Psalidi beach.


At our chapel of by the beach

Romantic mood, endless breathtaking views over the Aegean Sea and idyllic atmosphere, create the best scenery to embrace your wedding. Whether you are dreaming of an opulent affair or an intimate cozy gathering, Ammos Beach Bar is the place you are looking for. Your wedding or the renewal of vows can be held at the picturesque church on the grounds or by the beach or by the pier.

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Select what you dream of, we'll make it happen

Our experienced in hospitality and catering staff guarantee a first-class service for your guests. The famous menu of Ammos Beach Bar is available for your venue and hosted in our restaurant. A wide variety of items are available and can be tailor-made to please any function. We can help you create a menu for your group, or you can specify which items you’d like to have. Each wedding reception is a cooperative procedure between the couple and us, in order to design a unique food and drink menu that meets your needs, preferences and fulfills your dreams of this special moment. All in all, Ammos Beach Bar is the ultimate place to hold a memorable wedding!

Create memories

Relax and enjoy a memorable evening

We can also organize for you the most terrific pre-wedding or post-wedding party for you and your guests. The venue of Ammos is available for you, in case you want to party in private. Our staff is always ready to please you. Ammos team can offer tailor-made options, provide expert advice on drinks pairings, design the decorations according to your tastes, and secure world-class entertainment.

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